Location - Loutro

Loutro is a picturesque seaside village, located about 71 km on the southwest of Chania, at the end of the cape of Mouri. In the past, here it was built, the ancient city of Phenicia, which was the port of ancient Anopolis. You may see it referred, at the deeds of the Apostles. Later, it was used as a winter port of Chora Sfakion, due to the fact that the enclosed bay with the small island of Fanari, create a natural windless port where ships can be safe even in severe weather.

The village got its name from the baths that they were found there, whose water was coming from Anopolis. Loutro, was also called Katopoli. Here, the Cretan Zeus and Apollo of the oracle of Delphi were worshiped. Οn the West of the village, there are ruins of the ancient city, the temple of Apollo and the Turkish castle. Another important building is the primary school, which is located in the middle of the village and it housed the ‘Chancellery of Sfakians’, during the revolution of 1821.

Loutro is the ultimate refuge for those seeking the absolute tranquility and the relaxation, enjoying the beautiful beaches combined with hiking, away from the annoying noises of the big cities, in the vastness of the white mountains and the Libyan Sea. What makes Loutro special is that there are no roads and no cars. That is why it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful summer holiday destinations. The water is turquoise and not very deep, while the white houses with their blue windows resemble an Aegean island. Guests who prefer peace and quiet can remain all day in Loutro, swimming at the beaches of the village, reading a book or enjoying a drink on their lounger, while sunbathing under the hot sun of South Crete, overlooking the endless blue of the sea. The main beach, in front of Loutro, as well as the next one at the eastern end of the village, Keramos, are very good choices. The beaches are pebble, well organized and our turquoise water is always calm.

For the most active visitors, in the village, you may rent kayaks, dive, as well as hike in the paths and gorges of the area. Indicatively, you may visit the beaches of the nearby Wolf, the Holy Cross, Finikas, the enchanting Marbles, the pergolas and of course the idyllic beach, Glyka nera. However, if you are already tired of walking, you can return with the small boats, which, during the day, they run continuous routes for your transportation.

It is worth visiting the two old kouledes of Loutro and Kastela, as well as, walking to the beautiful village of Anopoli via the uphill path (2 hours). You could also explore the gorge of Aradena, the gorge of Imbros and of course the gorge of Samaria or take a day boat trip to the island of Gavdos, the southernmost tip of Europe.


The beautiful Loutro with its crystal clear waters, unpretentious relaxation and incomparable natural beauty, promises to offer you a unique escape to the absolute peace and tranquility which will remain forever engraved in your mind…

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